Thursday, March 6, 2008

wonderful news

Contracts have not been signed, minutia have not been hammered minuter, but I suppose can say that I have been offered a children's book to illustrate for HarperCollins.

The fabulous Steven Malk, my agent, procured this very quirky, funny book, and tells me the editor is fantastic to work with. The author has spent time on The New York Times bestseller list! I'll be doing quite a number of cartoons for it, I think I'm going to really, really enjoy this project.

All I can add is Yippie!


Lisa Wallace-Baker said...

Congrats Paul!! How exciting - Harper Collins & well known author - sounds wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

That's great! Congrats! (Not that I ever doubted you'd get a book to illustrate -- you're an amazing artist.)

Jason Waskey said...

Yay! Contingent congrats!

Paul said...

Thanks, gang. I'll add more details when I can.

gail said...

Yippee, yippee!!
Great news Paul.


pudders said...

Congrats!! Tops! I've been trying to get a gig there for almost three years!