Friday, August 8, 2008

Ho, ho, hrumph

I spent a number of days creating some samples for a possible new project with HarperCollins. I worked up color indications with Adobe Illustrator, and provided two samples of final-style art in colored pencils.

The result was that although the art director and author liked my efforts, the sales department wanted to go in different direction. (I take that to mean another artist.)

I was very pleased with the work I did for the project, but I did take chances in what I sent them, leaning towards a rather daring simplicity.

The way I see it, your work must stand out --or risk getting lost in the crowd.


magicmyst said...

I love the design of your pictures. The simplicity works well conveying both humor and interest.

Paul said...

Thanks magicmyst.


Kiersten Pazdera said...

This picture is adorable! I would hang this as a poster in my room if it was possible.