Thursday, June 24, 2010

idle thoughts

I am nearly done with the art for my 2nd self-authored book Hugs From Pearl. It is always a frantic rush towards the finish line, making endless last-minute changes and adjustments.

As hard as it is to let go of the art, (I could tweak things for another 6 months,) I will be glad to send the last one off and take a bit of a breather before I dive into the final art for my next book, Petunia Goes Wild.

I find the best opportunity for creative thinking is when I am not focused on being productive. When my brain is idle ideas tend to pop up. Generally a thing rushes in to fill the nothing.

It makes sense that I should incorporate some brain-meandering time in my daily schedule. Sort of a mental flaneur period.

Yet even though I know it is usually wonderfully productive, who could put "2:00 - 3:30: Nothing." on their calendar?

Seems un-American somehow.


Richard Jesse Watson said...

I had a friend who had a way of carving out time for nothing. He would make an appointment (on his calendar) to meet with himself. That way if anyone wanted to horn-in on his time of numbness he would tell them, "Oh sorry, can't possibly, I have an appointment with myself." That usually cleared the area.

Paul Schmid said...

Richard, I make appointments with myself and then don't show up!