Friday, January 28, 2011

a polymath at 13

My 13 year old daughter has been tirelessly working on a project writing, illustrating, animating, directing and film editing a fantasy story about mystical wolves. The main character is an unusually powerful but misfit girl wolf who must discover her true self.

Here is the trailer for the future animated movie:

Her abilities amaze me, but it is her determination and passion that makes me the proud father I am.

To see more of her work, here is her YouTube channel:


Adam Rex said...

Geez. Your daughter's amazing.

Paul Schmid said...

Adam, most amazing to me is her tireless drive to create. I wasn't half as devoted at her age.
The little stinker's going to best her old dad one of these days.

elephanta said...

what what?! That looks spectacular. 13years old?

Erik Brooks said...

Really neat to see Paul, and congrats on the new book!

doncarterbooks said...

Amazing. Is she pitching it?

Paul Schmid said...

Don, no. Her mom and I are making her finish 7th grade first. ;-)

Salisbury's said...

Bravo Anna

Sorry it took so long for us to revisit your site/work; you are truly amazing. We will always be able to boast ----"and we knew her when......"

Keep up the hard work.

Fondly, carol, Don, Nicki & Alex