Tuesday, April 28, 2009

don't worry, be happy

In one month I have to turn in the final art for my first self-authored children's book.

This is my least favorite stage of the process. The concepting is done, the design has been worked out, the only thing left is to deliver on the promise. To draw the dang thing. Turning the vision into the visible. This is where the art ends up being great or less than I had hoped. It never is as good as one imagined it would be.

So I've become anxious. And tight.

I suppose that is why at this crucial point, with time running out, that I dropped everything to write a new story. Delaying the inevitable, avoiding the difficult.

This is where I need to pull out all the tricks to fool myself that everything is fine and dandy, there's no rush, the art'll be brilliant. If I can regain a relaxed confidence, things will flow along nicely with less effort.

The art of warring with oneself. It's a mind game.


CocoaStomp said...

When you have a moment post-deadline, or are in need of procrastinating from doing the artwork finishing I hope you will post a list of the tricks you use to fool yourself about there being no rush, etc.

All your readers understand the work will be brilliant, but I would like to see this list of mind games, please, to become less anxious and tight myself.

First, I'm assuming you set all your clocks and calendars back to the seventies and wear bellbottoms and then, therefore have loads of time?

Paul Schmid said...

Boy, I wish I had a good answer for you! I think it's mostly pretending to ignore the elephant in the studio.
How do tight-wire artists not think about falling? I'm guessing by just focusing on the next step instead of the cement floor below.

OK, back to work!

What elephant?