Monday, May 18, 2009

wow wwa

I attended the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators annual conference for western Washington state over the weekend (SCBWI WWA). As last year, the event was flawlessly organized, inspiring and a heckofalota fun.

I finally met my uber-agent Steve Malk in person, and got to know a few other Malketeers, such as the frighteningly talented Adam Rex and Hizzoner Jon Scieszka. The boys certainly proved my theory that the nicest people end up at the top. At least in the kid-lit world.

Listening to Nancy Pearl, Elizabeth Parisi from Scholatic and others share their experiences and expertise, clearly the common thread was a passion to provide great books for kids.


Richard Jesse Watson said...

The highlights of the SCBWI conference for me were going to Adam Rex's planet, watching Jon Scieszka take over the world, and hearing Steven Malk. But even more amazing was seeing the dummies of your upcoming books, Paul. They are so fresh and mind num-numbingly good. You are going to be able to buy Texas soon.

Paul Schmid said...

Richard you are too kind! Great to see you and Susi last weekend. I'm not sure I'd WANT Texas!