Friday, June 25, 2010

seeking nothing in particular

Sometimes it is better to remain still in order to see what scurries by. Why is that so difficult?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

idle thoughts

I am nearly done with the art for my 2nd self-authored book Hugs From Pearl. It is always a frantic rush towards the finish line, making endless last-minute changes and adjustments.

As hard as it is to let go of the art, (I could tweak things for another 6 months,) I will be glad to send the last one off and take a bit of a breather before I dive into the final art for my next book, Petunia Goes Wild.

I find the best opportunity for creative thinking is when I am not focused on being productive. When my brain is idle ideas tend to pop up. Generally a thing rushes in to fill the nothing.

It makes sense that I should incorporate some brain-meandering time in my daily schedule. Sort of a mental flaneur period.

Yet even though I know it is usually wonderfully productive, who could put "2:00 - 3:30: Nothing." on their calendar?

Seems un-American somehow.